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The Frontier Foundation is a non-profit organization, and Women & Community Web Team consists of voluntary workers of Formosa on WWW. To maintain and enhance the feature of Taiwan Women Web, we encourage individuals and organizations to support our work. Interested in helping to digitize women's movement? Take an active role in our projects:

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The Frontier Foundation

For over two years, YamWeb and Taiwan Women Web of the Frontier Foundation have insisted to remain a non-profit web navigator to promote people's equal access to information on Taiwan's cyber space, and have been maintained with limited financial support contributed by individuals and organizations. Any amount of contribution is welcome.

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Working Environment: We are a group of people working and learning together. We share our happiness with and gain encouragement from each other. Let us invite you to join our team and work for the future of Taiwan women. Please contact us through this e-mail address: stsai@frontier.org.tw



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