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New Information and Services Added

"Celebrating Mother's Day: Mother Past and Present": a Mother's Day on-line activity presented by Taiwan Women Web, Taiwan Women Forum and its cooperated women's organizations, and Taiwan Women Newsletter.

Information updated in Non-governmental Women's Organizations.

New information in the News and Events section:"Improvement of Gender Relationships: A Proposal by Taipei City Government Bureau of Social Affairs," "Seminars and Courses of Women's Organizations in Taipei City."

New issue in the Featured Topics of the Chinese version of Taiwan Women Web: "Gender Pay Equity."

New article by Ms. Angela Wu (the barrister & solicitor of High Court of Australia, and the president of Canberra Chinese Club): "Equality before the Law--An Australian Example is added on the Global Women section, which introduces the legal status of women in Australia.

New chinese and english articles have been added on the "Comfort Women" and "Domestic Violence" pages of Featured Topics. Besides, we also collect related internet resources to provide users extended understanding of how other countries deal with these issues.

New chinese article by Ms. Hsin-Ru Lin--"UN and Women's Rights" in Articles on Women-related Issues.

Announce the Internet Bookclub website: A web-based bookclub establised by Women & Community Web Team in cooperation with Fembooks bookstore and Bookish Culture Promotion Association.

Announce Database of Women Related Services in Taipei
Announce '98 The Report on Women's Status in Taiwan
Site Features Added (Chinese Version):
Site Features Updated (Chinese Version):

Announce the second report of Featured Topics: Domestic Violence
Add the 1995 Report on the Movement of Anti-marital-violence in Taiwan onto the category of Articles on Women-related Issues

Introduce Non-governmental Women's Organizations in Taiwan and relevant contact information.

Introduce new articles in the Articles on Women-related Issues: Cross-countries Comparison of Policies on Prostitution, and Report on Women's Status in Kaoshung Area.

Announce the Taiwan Women Web website: A website establised by Women & Community Web Team in cooperation with seven non-governmental women's organizations.

Add Taiwan Women Web's Full-text Search Engine

New Article in Chinese :《迎接生命的一雙手》--an excerpt of Doctor Shei, Fong-Joe's book

New Site Feature: Global Women

Data Update: Statistics Related to the Women's Status Report

Introdude the first report of Featured Topics: A History of Trauma: Comfort Women
New Site Features: Women and Family, and Women's Social Involvement and Self-development in Treasure Trove.
Data Update: Women's Physical Safety

New Site Feature: Comment

Announce Taiwan Women Web website



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