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The Report on Women's Status in Taiwan, 1998

  1. The Marital Status of the population aged over 15, by Sexˇ]1985--1996ˇ^

  2. The NumberˇţRatio of the Married and Divorced Couples ˇ]1985˘w1996ˇ^

  3. The Divorced Population Aged 15 and over, by Age and Sexˇ]1996ˇ^

  4. The Reasons of Divorced Cases in Local Courts

  5. The Employee's Educational Attainmentˇ]1978˘w1997ˇ^

  6. The Distribution of Employee's Sectorˇ]1978-1997ˇ^

  7. The Female Employee's Sectorˇ]1978-1997ˇ^

  8. The Distribution of Employee's Occupationsˇ]%ˇ^

  9. The Female Employee's Occupationsˇ]%ˇ^

  10. Labor Force Participation Rates, by Educationˇ]1993˘w1997ˇ^

  11. Labor Force Participation Rates, by Ageˇ]1991˘w1997ˇ^

  12. Labor Force Participation Rates, by Marital Stausˇ]1993˘w1997ˇ^

  13. Time Spent on Households of the Married Women Aged between 15 and 64, by Working Status (1993)

  14. The Reasons of Married Women's Resignationˇ]1993ˇ^

  15. Female employee's Class of Working, by Educational Attainment

  16. Gender Comparison of Wages, by Educational Attainment

  17. Gender Comparison of Wages, by Occupationˇ]1997ˇ^

  18. The Female Employees' Occupations in Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Parkˇ]1984-1994ˇ^

  19. The Percentage of Female Teachers in Each Educational Level

  20. Gender Comparison of School Principles, by Educational Levelˇ]1994ˇ^

  21. The Percentage of Female Students in Each Educational Level

  22. The Percentage of Female Students in Occupational Senior High Schoolsˇ]1996˘w1997ˇ^

  23. The Percentage of Female Students in College, by Fieldˇ]1996˘w1997ˇ^

  24. The Reported Sexual Assault Casesˇ]1997ˇ^

  25. The Age Distribution of Rape Victimsˇ]1984˘w1993ˇ^

  26. Cases Reported to the Policeˇ]1992-1996ˇ^

  27. The Manpower of the Special Police System ˇ]1998ˇ^

  28. Rate of Becoming the Poor, by Family Types

  29. The Percentage of the Female Elected

  30. The Percentage of Female Governmental Officials

  31. Governmental Officials' Gender, by Length of Service and Class of Work ˇ]1996ˇ^

  32. The Percentage of Female Officials, by Occupation

  33. Governmental Employee's Retirement, Resignation and Dismissal, by Genderˇ]1996ˇ^

  34. The Expenditure on Medical Care and Healthˇ]1992˘w1996ˇ^

  35. Gender Analysis of the Labor Insuranceˇ]1978˘w1992ˇ^

  36. Gender Analysis of Social Insurancesˇ]1992ˇ^

  37. The Resources of the Elders' Income

  38. Gender Analysis of the Central Government Budgetˇ]1986˘w1996ˇ^

  39. The Welfare Services for Women, by CountyˇţCity Governmentsˇ]1995ˇ^

The Report on Women's Status in Taiwan, 1998
ˇ¸ Health ˇ¸ Legal Status ˇ¸ Welfare Resources ˇ¸ Population and Family
ˇ¸ Education ˇ¸ Physical Safety ˇ¸ Working Status ˇ¸ Political Involvement
ˇ¸ Statistics Related to the Women's Status Report

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