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Domestic Violence

@@"Domestic Violence" is no longer an unfamiliar term in our daily life.

@@Some of us may have witnessed, heard about, or experienced domestic violence, and some of us may play the role as a defender, silent witness, victim, or perpetrator in the incidents caused by domestic violence. The truth is, most of us still regard domestic violence as a "family's business" that outsiders have no right to get involved. Further, the general public tend to take that only abnormal men will abuse their wives, children, and the elders, which has nothing to do with most normal people's life. Such views on the distinction between private and public life prevent "domestic violence" from becoming a public issue.

@@Ms. Ru-Weng Deng's murder her husband has exposed the darkside of treating domestic violence as a "family's business" to the public. It furthers women's organizations to take part in actions against marital and domestic violence. Today we are glad that the "Domestic Violence Prevention Act" was read for the first time.

@@Through this featured issue, we wish to enhance the public's understanding of domestic violence, to bring more people's attention to the legistaltion of "Domestic Violence Prevention Act," and to carry the bill into effect by everyone's active participation. This issue includes the history of action against domestic violence in Taiwan, definition of domestic violence, plan of the "Domestic Violence Prevention Act," and legal analysis of the "Domestic Violence Prevention Act," etc.

@@We are especially grateful to the "Domestic Violence Prevention Campaign Draft" provided by Modern Women's Foundation and the Office of Legislator Wei-Kang Pan, and the articles provided by the social worker Pei-Jing Lin of Taipei City Government 24 hours Shelter that make this issue possible.

Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Nowadays in Taiwan & Policy Directions and Implications for the Future

Problems in Dealing with Incidents Caused by Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Prevention Act

  1. Purpose
  2. Process of Domestic Violence Prevention Draft
  3. Specifications of Domestic Violence Prevention Draft
  4. Content of the Draft
  5. Complete Content of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act

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