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@@Taiwan Women Web is a project of "Taiwan Ecological & Cultural Education Info Network" of The Task Force of Formosa on WWW that belongs to The Frontier Foundation, which is to build up an on-line Taiwan women's resources network for public access.

@@Internet has been recognized as the most powerful media in our time, in which everyone has a voice and it is considered to be a useful medium for education. Considering that women have long been the minorities in Taiwanese society, The Task Force of Formosa on WWW attempts to create a women's database with diverse content covering both the practical information on health care, living, laws, and family, and in-depth discussions of books and issues of women's concerns. By establishing this Chinese Taiwan Women Web, we wish to encourage and help women learning to make use of the internet resources so as to promote women's rights to equal access and participation in this rapidly growing media to have women's voice be heard.

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