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. . . "Guai," says Gramma with a mixed feeling of sorrow and blessing, "I've been treated like garbage for my whole life deserted in the South Pacific Ocean with little chance to come back alive. And, life was so tough after my return. Never had it occurred to me that some day, while my life is close to its end, I would be cherished as a precious gem by people. . .."

At that moment, my friends, I wish you were here to witness her face glowing with happiness. It happened just in a flash, but that paid everything back.

Bee-Ching Chang, "Who wanna cry in the dark?"


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A History of Trauma--The Comfort Women "Comfort Women," a term that most people might have heard of but have no idea of the bloody stories behind it. Although few forced comfort women are still alive, what this event has revealed to us should not be ignored: the way that women were tourtured and hurt.

We appreciate Ms. Bee-Ching Chang and other members of Taipei Women Rescue Foundation offering us the following invaluable information on comfort women. Through the lens of these reports and articles, we wish everyone understand the background of the Fund-Raising Campaign rasied by the Taipei Women Rescue Foundation, and the belief we hold that supports this movement.

Recently the Taipei Women Rescue Foundation has released a documentary film on their interview with the Taiwanese Comfort Women. They welcome organizations who are interested in this issue to contact them to view this documentary film.

Perspectives of Comfort Women

Help the Survivors--
What Do the Taiwanese Comfort Women Really Need?

Governmental Attitude and Policies on Comfort Women's Issues


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"I agree to call Ms. Huang and others 'surviors' rather than 'victims' or simply 'comfort women.' Because only people with strong mentality can survive the suffering that the forced recruitment, war, overseas wandering brought about and live with the pain. . ."

Bee-Ching Chang
The Unerasable Trauma in Everyone's Mind
--Report on the Activity of "Comfort Women Campaign" at Japan

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